Auto Repair Website Design

Max is a mechanic who owns an auto service workshop in Singapore and he wants to design an auto repair website. This would allow his potential customers to check his workshop out before they get there. It even tells his workshop closed at 7pm daily so the potential customers would not make a disappointed trip or contact his workshop before they come in. His workshop would stand out against the other workshops out there that do not have a website.

Max takes into consideration that his potential customers were to find his workshop on Google, should enable them to navigate to his workshop. He also wants to ensure that his existing customers will be able to book an appointment for various auto services that his company provides, and his team will be able to prepare for it. He thinks about collecting email from his customers so he can send them notification for a quarterly maintenance and inspection. It would fill up working slots throughout the months. This website design shall showcase his workshop capability and display the skillset of his mechanics. Max thinks about the e-commerce opportunities when his customers may do online payment transaction through the auto repair website so he do not have to touch cash or cards with their dirty hands. It would be easy for tracking money against electronic invoice and receipt. They would also display auto parts and sell them on their website.

Joe, Max’s workshop partner, recently upgraded his profession in car painting and wants to promote this additional auto service to their existing customers. Max works out a landing page on their auto service website and broadcast email to all his customers, presenting the newly added auto painting service.

All the above mentioned website features can be done easily through our web builder for an auto repair website design. Contact us to provide a quote now.

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