Keep in touch with these powerful tools.

Contact Manager — Organize and manage contact information for all of your customers, suppliers, and business associates. Once you’ve established a customer database, you can create and launch targeted e-newsletters that announce new product releases, upcoming sales, or any other special events and promotions.


Email Accounts — Our solution’s email account features come complete with everything you need to send professional emails, including:

  • Rich HTML text formatting & editing tools and a plain-text composition option
  • Built-in spelling checker
  • Account customization options
  • Address book, calendar and day planner
  • Search tool for browsing email
  • Spam Assassin filtering to minimize unsolicited email


Versatile Email Access — Talk about useful! Access your email accounts directly through popular email clients like Outlook, Thunderbird and Eudora. On the road and still need to be in touch? No problem, we’ve got you covered with support for your favorite smartphone or tablet. And with WebMail, you’ll have more extensive email capabilities and easier access to your messages through any browser.

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