Photography Website Design

Paul is a freelance photographer in Singapore and is working on a photography website design to attract more customers. His passion on capturing the best moment, makes people feel with love and emotion. He wants his potential customers to know that he is providing photography service for outdoor bridal photo shoot, wedding ceremony photoshoot, company event photoshoot and more. This would be the best cost effective decision to run his freelance business on a website than a physical studio. He can rent a studio for a day or two if require, but he must be able to showcase his photography portfolio anytime anywhere.

He wants to design a portfolio web site that display some of his photography work in gallery categorized according to audience’s preference. It is not wise to use social media platform or any platform to post or hold all your important photos as you have grant the platform copyright free to use your photos for ads and everything else. It is wise to handpick some of the photos for advertising and sharing purpose, intentionally brings your audience into your website and converts them to be your potential customers. This would be our best advice to the people using social media as their marketing tools. That is one of our web builder features for social media integration.

Same thing can applies to videography services, they will also need website to showcase their portfolio. If you have a studio, Google Map feature in our web builder can help your customer find to your studio. Simply sign up our web builder to design a photography or videography portfolio website. It is using the latest WYSIWYG technology, which makes website design the easiest thing to do without any html programming knowledge. You can have the photography website done within a week.

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