Beauty Salon Website Design

Sarah graduated from a Singapore college and join her mum, Michelle on her beauty salon business. She soon found out that most of their beauty salon customers are existing clients and there are very little growth on new customers even they have the capacity. Sometimes their salon was packed with waiting customers and sometimes they sat around with no customer. Manning appointments were done manually by handling calls and texting messages. Michelle was following the latest facial treatment trend, but she got no way to reach out to her potential customers.

Sarah asked her mum if their salon can work out a website to reach out to their potential customers where they can find out what services they provide and taking their appointment online 24/7. She explained that the website can run some beauty salon promotion to attract customers for the non-peak hours of the day. Design of the beauty salon website should also include social media integration so that they can reach out to their customers through Facebook or Instagram, if Michelle came out with new facial or body treatment.

Lately, Michelle is partnering with her friends in selling skincare and cosmetic products. All these products could be uploaded onto the website and developed into an ecommerce site. Running an online store for selling skincare and cosmetic products require no physical sales person and this can increase their beauty salon overall income. With secured payment gateway, order processing tools and customized shipping, the website must be able to handle. All these could be done by our web builder and there is no requirement for any html programming. E-commerce features containing product categories, pan and zoom product image, customer-generated wish lists, product review capabilities, side-by-side product comparisons and more. Contact us today to design your beauty salon website or other similar services like manicure, pedicure or hair salon.

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