Restaurant Website Design with multi-language menu

Mr. Wong owns a Chinese restaurant in Singapore Chinatown and they are specialised in Cantonese dishes. He constantly puts up menu for his newly invent Cantonese dishes or brings back some old traditional Cantonese dishes, which will attract many food lovers. He spends few thousand dollars to reach out his potential customers using traditional paper advertisement and their return on advertising is dropping monthly with the same amount of advertising. Mr. Wong’s son, Jason, learned about this and asked his father if he could use some advertising fund to design a restaurant website with Cantonese menu in it. He also explained that they could explore opportunities to reach out more potential customers through social media integration. Mr. Wong was willing to give it a try.

Jason takes consideration on the website design that allows table booking that can be done any time of day and night even after their restaurant operating hours. That helps to relief some manual work on manning phone calls for table bookings. He can create forms for wedding banquet tasting session, Chinese New Year reunion dining booking, company event restaurant booking and more. He can also put up Chinese words menu with the multi-language support web builder, as English translation would sound weird to customers. The website should also support Electronic Direct Mail marketing that enable the restaurant to broadcast email to their regular customers for new Cantonese dish introduction or traditional Cantonese dish promotion, festive season dining booking and etc. These would greatly increase sales and revenues in their restaurant business.

Social media integration of a website allows restaurant to post enticing Cantonese dishes and brings audience into the restaurant website for more. These website audience can turn into potential customers where they heading for group lunch or dinner. Contact us for more information on our awesome web builder, which require no html programming, to develop your restaurant website now.

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