Consulting Firm Website Design

Fery decided to start his own consulting firm with his 10 years plus of manufacturing profession in Singapore and among Asia. He believes his passion in helping his customers to cut waste and streamline processes, will benefits his customers in the long run. What he needs is a strong portfolio to market his expertise 24/7 and engage his audience through sharing valuable manufacturing knowledge and experience. The website design must has the capability of collecting customers email addresses, running electronic direct mail campaign and social media integration in order to reach out to his potential customers.

Collecting customers email addresses is not as simple as it seem like having a contact form here and there. In order for someone to drop the site an email or putting an enquiry, the website content must be compelling and create interest for the reading audience to find out more. These content must also align to the services that they want to provide and help clients solve their problem when they searching for the answer. Content must be completed for all the basic structure of a website before building it as this will reduce the time for setting up the website. Regularly writing articles or blog on the website like sharing website niche related tips and examples will help to keep audience coming back for more. Social media integration in a website can support building a community that shares the same interest or share the website content to his social circle. However, these content must be the website own copyright and passed plagiarism check.

Running electronic direct mail campaign is a common digital marketing tool to engage your audience and turning them into your potential customers. This tool helps to broadcast email your audience without sending the same email one by one. Best use for promotions, notification on coming up events or training courses and many more, and speeds up your reaching to the audience. These tools are available in our web builder and we make it affordable for everyone. Email us for a quote today.

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